I feel bad for people in other countries because they see the PSAT fandom but they don’t really SEE the PSAT fandom





My senior brother was asking me about the psats
Brother: wait so what's everything about the guy from Boston
Me: oh he went to the Grand Canyon, but he didn't see it the same way the first guy saw it he only got about one millionth of the joy from preconceived expectations
Brother: that's the dumbest shit I ever heard
Brother: what about the calligraphy
Me: the reporter asked all the wrong questions and he doesn't have enough time to write poems anymore
Me: Crimson leaves falling
Brother: you do know it's illegal for it to be online right
Me: woof
Brother: they're gonna slowly kill everyone on tumblr
Me: it's okay dolphins can't wear leashes
Me: *leaves*

Todays PSAT overview…smh


Todays PSAT overview…smh

me: coughs
teacher: sets answer sheet on fire
journalist: why do you think calligraphy is such a spiritual experience
sensei: finally you asked a good question
sensei: good girl
journalist: woof
What she says: I'm fine.
What she means: I will never see the grand canyon like Lopez de Cardenas


I love that shows

And Movies

And Books

Are So Connected to Us

Because the Characters aren’t Heroes yet or don’t consider themselves Heroes, they’re better

They’re us…

Not because of personality or skill or life, because those are all different

Because We all have…